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Who we are are why we do what we do!

About us

Voyage Medical was established as Voyage Financial (and still exists as Voyage Financial to our non-medical clients!) way back when the Blue Room at Freo Hospital was still THE place for interns and Consultants alike to be seen on a Friday evening. 


Since then, Voyage has grown to become one of the leading financial service firms for Perth’s doctors.


We’re founding sponsors of the Stanley Medical Officer’s Society as well as long-term, ongoing sponsors of MSAND, RPHMOS & Charlies RMO.


We aren’t owned by any institution and have no allegiance to any banks.


We charge fee for service, utilise modern technology wherever we can to make your life easier and use the combined depth and breadth of our professionals to help you navigate the highs and lows of your Medical Journey. 

Our staff

Alex Brownbill

Used to spend his days waiting for doctors to talk to him in various hospitals around Perth. Now heads up the Voyage team.

Matt Grant

Was the Head Advisor Coach Perth financial planning licensee Wealth Today before moving to Voyage to run our Financial Planning services.

Mara Hayes

Spent over 20 years with ANZ, burnishing her resume for her role at Voyage. The Captain of Administration and Getting Things Done.

Andrea Hayes

For over 10 years Andrea was one of the reasons The Mount Hospital didn't implode on itself as one of their chief administration staff. Now Captain of Marketing & Client Delight.

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