Get to know our Consultants Package

At the peak of your career, your financial systems should be flawlessly building your wealth.

How do I start to transition my earning power into true, inter-generational wealth?

Personal and professional safety nets, properties and other investments, trusts, business structures, spouse and children.


As your career advances, and the complexity of the work and cases you undertake expands, so to does the complexity of your financial requirements.


No longer is it ok to assume your insurances are still appropriate or that the investments you established years ago are still optimised.


Just as you wouldn’t advise your medically complex patients to administer their own treatment plan, you should be wary of administering your own financially complex life and income plans.

Some benefits of our Consultants Package.

What else should you know about our Consultants Package?

Income Expectations

$180,000 plus

Type of Review Offered

Quarterly, semi-annually or annually via your preferred method (face to face or via video link)


Cashflow & Budgeting


FREE Annual Individual Tax Return


Income Protection Advice


Salary Packaging Advice


HECS Advice


Credit Card & Debt Reduction Advice


Superannuation Fund Review


Investment Planning Advice


Planning for Life Events


Planning for Training & College Fees


Investment Property Advice


Self Managed Super (SMSF)


Private Practice Advice


Commercial Lending


Business Planning

Superannuation Contribution Review


Life Insurance Review


Income Protection Advice


Bank Account Structuring Advice


Mortgage Broking Advice


Personal Loan Advice


Medical Professional Tax Deductions


Estate Planning Advice


Fellowship Planning


Early Stage Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning


Super Income Stream Advice


Entity Structuring

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