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And set things up right from the very beginning of your career

How do I establish the structures and habits that will maximise my wealth and happiness over my career?

We believe that modern doctors want to do it differently than previous generations.


They want to work hard in a speciality they’re passionate about.


They want to do the very best by their patients.


And they want to build amazing wealth, but avoid the financial traps that keep older generation doctors working for money instead of love for the job.


After years of intense focus on learning medicine, your intern year suddenly demands a raft of financial answers from you – some of which you may struggle to answer.


Questions like whether it’s best to pay down HECS or build a home deposit, or how to allocate your salary sacrifice entitlements (or even how to set it up!).

Some benefits of our Intern Package.

What else should you know about our Intern Package?

Income Expectations


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Annually via email or phone


Cashflow & Budgeting



FREE Annual Individual Tax Return


Income Protection Advice


Salary Packaging Advice


HECS Advice


Credit Card & Debt Reduction Advice


Superannuation Fund Review

Superannuation Contribution Review


Life Insurance Review


Income Protection Advice


Bank Account Structuring Advice


Mortgage Broking Advice


Personal Loan Advice


Medical Professional Tax Deductions

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