Get to know our Practice Owner Package

Are you a doctor running their own business or a business person operating a medical practice?

How do I create a business that serves me and start to seperate my income from the hours I put in?

For current and aspiring practice owners, that question above is one of the most important they’ll ever answer when it comes to their business.


That’s because the needs and skills of business are very different to the ones you’ve spent a decade acquiring.


Creating appropriate business structures, establishing efficient systems and processes, setting direction on marketing, culture and hiring and understanding financials are all requirements for those taking the leap into practice ownership.


And while the rewards are great, so too are the decisions that must be made!

Some benefits of our Practice Owners Package.

What else should you know about our Practice Owners Package?

Revenue Expectations

$500,000 plus

Type of Review Offered

Quarterly or semi-annually via method of your choice (face to face at your preferred location or via video link)


Cashflow & Budgeting



FREE Annual Individual Tax Return


Income Protection Advice


Salary Packaging Advice


HECS Advice


Credit Card & Debt Reduction Advice


Superannuation Fund Review

Superannuation Contribution Review


Life Insurance Review


Income Protection Advice


Bank Account Structuring Advice


Mortgage Broking Advice


Personal Loan Advice


Medical Professional Tax Deductions

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