Get to know our Residents & Registrars Package

As you grow in income and experience, so to does your financial complexity

How do I juggle the competing demands of home ownership, starting a family, work and lifestyle commitments?

You may not realise it, but through your training years you’re establishing habits and belief patterns about wealth and finance that will be deeply engrained by the time you’ve obtained your fellowship.


Beliefs like “I can take on more debt now because my future income will cover it” and “All my peers and seniors are driving luxury cars and live in beautiful, expensive homes – it must just be just what doctors do” can lead what we call Lifestyle Creep – which is a trap that has caught out many doctors from previous generations.


Modern doctors recognise that avoiding the trap where practicing medicine becomes a job to service debt and excess, rather than a passion that allows them to build an amazing life is critically important.

Some benefits of our Residents & Registrars Package

What else should you know about our Residents & Registrars Package?

Income Expectations

$90,000 – $180,000

Type of Review Offered

Annual or semi-annual reviews offered via your preferred method (in person or via video link)


Cashflow & Budgeting


FREE Annual Individual Tax Return


Income Protection Advice


Salary Packaging Advice


HECS Advice


Credit Card & Debt Reduction Advice


Superannuation Fund Review


Investment Planning Advice


Planning for Life Events


Planning for Training & College Fees


Investment Property Advice

Superannuation Contribution Review


Life Insurance Review


Income Protection Advice


Bank Account Structuring Advice


Mortgage Broking Advice


Personal Loan Advice


Medical Professional Tax Deductions


Estate Planning Advice


Fellowship Planning


Early Stage Retirement Planning

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